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Architecture & design

A+ Resins can be included in any architectural design structure from the ground up. It should be brought to your architect’s attention to ensure A+ Resins are included in the various design/construction specifications concerning paint and cement applications in your home or commercial building. The addition of A+ Resin water-based epoxy will greatly enhance any building’s design and integrity, eliminating construction concerns for years to come.


Proper and detailed planning greatly reduces or even eliminates future construction problems. This is why the introduction of A+ Resins in the planning and construction of any facility is paramount at an early stage. Ask your architect or planner if he/she knows of the attributes of A+ Resins. If not, refer to this website and contact Green Building Technologies Co. as soon as possible in the planning stage. A representative of the company is available for direct and immediate assistance.

project management

A representative of Green Building Technologies Co. can be assigned to your building/construction project to work closely in conjunction with your Project Manager to ensure the complete and proper application of A+ Resins. This will ensure that the enhancing properties of A+ Resins are utilized to their fullest capacity.

Home Renovations

A+ Resins water-based epoxy can be applied to almost any type of home renovation project, as an additive to paint, or cement. It does not matter the size of the renovation, A+ Resins will enhance the end results and greatly reduce maintenance, and in some cases, insurance costs. Whether it is a DIY project or professionally contracted, A+ Resins water-based epoxy will strengthen and protect the project for years to come. 


Test results and actual application have proven that when A+ Resins water-based epoxy is added to any water-based project, the end result has proven to be far superior to that applied without the A+ Resins additive. The reduction/elimination of algae, mildew, and fungi from forming on the wall surface is clearly evident. The reduction/elimination of cracking or peeling of the paint from the substrata is also evident in both the short and long term. The “A” flame-spread fire rating when using A+ Resins helps ensure the safety of our families and the workplace.

Commercial Construction

If there is only one significant benefit to using A+ Resins as an additive to paint or cement in a commercial facility, it is the “A” flame-spread rating which gives occupants an additional 20 minutes to vacate the facility. In addition, A+ Resins increase the dollar benefit by decreasing the maintenance cost of operating the facility. Also, the added overall strength of the facility extends the life of the facility and benefits the initial cost of construction.

Woodwork & Carpentry

Perhaps the best way to eliminate and reduce dry rot, mildew, and water destruction is to use A+ Resins water-based epoxy as a clear coat applied to the wood substrate or finished areas. Acting as a sealant and tightly adhering to the wood surface, A+ Resin decreases the imperfections and damage that can occur. When applied, the grain of the wood is clearly seen, and with the epoxy curing clear, a natural wood surface is exposed and protected. A+ Resin also enhances and strengthens any wooden joints used in the construction process, and, in some instances, reduces the need for nails or screws.


When applied to the hull or other surfaces of marine vessels, buoys, and wharfs — either an additive or applied as a clear coat — A+ Resin reduces or eliminates marine life attachment and metal corrosion. It can be applied on a wood, metal, and fiberglass surface and either cuprous oxide or titanium dioxide can be added for either a brilliant white surface or copper, which turns blue-green after a short time in the ocean. With no nutrients in the resins used, A+ Resin does not attract any form of marine life. Its use is extremely cost-effective and greatly reduces maintenance when used on the hull or interior of a marine vessel.

Flooring & Tiling

The extraordinary adherence qualities of A+ Resins water-based epoxy make it ideal for use as a cement in the installation of floor tile or rugs. Another benefit is the elimination and reduction of mildew, fungi, and algae from forming. This is especially beneficial when used as a cement in the application of indoor/outdoor rugs around swimming pool areas. In addition, when mixed with grout, the hardness of the grout surface is greatly increased, which reduces cracking and the growth of mildew, etc.




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