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Better, safer, healthier paint

Adding A+ Resins water-based epoxy to paint eliminates harmful VOC’s while providing mildew, fungal, and anti-corrosive protection for both interior and exterior paints.

Paint with A+ Resin is considered to have an A+ fire rating because of it’s “no flame” and self-extinguishing properties.

  • Non-toxic and non-combustible
  • No fumes or vapors
  • Fire spread rate “A” — 20 minute no flame spread
  • Self-extinguishing flames
  • Zero VOC’s while providing strong mildew, fungal, and anti-corrosive protection

stronger & more durable

Laboratory tests prove that paint with A+ Resin water-based epoxy has significantly increased viscosity. This equates to paint that is resistant to sag, lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

A+ Resins give paint five times more adhesiveness and pencil strength for surfaces such as aluminum and other metals; Perfect for:

  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Railings
  • AC Units
  • Equipment and Buildings
  • Oil/Water Tanks, Bridges, Train Trusses, and Roofs
  • Cold Storage
  • And More!

a writing

A+ Resins water-based epoxy replaces traditional chalkboard areas from preschools to universities, children’s bedrooms, boardrooms, kitchens, and laboratories.

They are unique and safe to use:

  • No vapors or fumes
  • No special ventilation needed
  • Non-toxic, non-combustible, dries in hours
  • Easy to apply – brush, roller, spray
  • No VOC’s
  • Mold, mildew, algae, and fungus resistant

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After 12 years of development, Green Building Technologies has formulated a line of green resin to increase strength and durability in commercial and residential building materials.