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Green Building Technologies Co. (GBT) was incorporated in Florida in 2012 to globally market and sell its proprietary and environmentally friendly, water-based resin. Our resin formulations enhance and significantly improve the characteristics of the products and building materials they are added or applied to.
Based upon more than 12 years of research, development, and independent laboratory testing, GBT's line of innovative resin formulations have been proven to increase strength and durability in a wide variety of commercial and residential building materials.

Our Mission

Green Building Technologies Company has a clear understanding of the industries that can benefit from its "green" resin formulations, as well as the dynamics and economic realities of these international sectors. With our offices, resource center, and production facility located in central Florida as well as sales offices in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, west Africa, Australia, and the UK, GBT is poised and well-positioned to market and sell its innovative resin across the USA and around the globe.

Worldwide Standards

The world is getting greener, and businesses across the globe are searching for environmentally friendly products. GBT is dedicated to providing a water based resin that makes building materials greener!

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About Green Building Technologies

After 12 years of development, Green Building Technologies has formulated a line of green resin to increase strength and durability in commercial and residential building materials.